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  • Al-Aqwas Company

    For Trade, General Contracting, Transports and Real Estate Investments

  • Speed of delivery according to work plan

    Achieve all the assigned work during the specific period according to the work required.

  • Quality and continuous improvement

    To provide the best, and permanent development, to guarantee better quality and continuous improvement for all services

  • The working team and special human recourses

    Complete working team and human recourses and special experiments for better production and earn the client's satisfication.

  • General Contracting

    ‏We work on the implementation of contracting in all areas of buildings, constructions, and electrical and mechanical contracting in accordance with international standards, which achieves customer satisfaction. We are working to provide well-trained staff in the field of contracting, and we seek to permanently develop local and international means of implementation. Targeting major projects Upgrading equipment in line with the latest implementation systems …

  • Transports

    Al-Aqwas Company provides transportation and shipping services for goods and materials to all cities of Iraq in the required time and quality. The company also provides a packing and inspection service before packaging and shipping to ensure that the goods reach the consumer in the best quality. The company also owns a group of tank trucks and cargo vehicles to carry out the work of transporting oil derivatives and various loads. …

  • General Trade

    Al-Aqwas Company is one of the leading companies in the field of marketing the best types of merchandise from the finest international brands. The company is also committed to high standards of quality and certified by the General Organization for Standardization and Quality Control. Al-Aqwas Company is distinguished by a highly experienced management team, and that enabled the company to become one of the best companies in importing and marketing its products, strict quality controls are followed in all types of products. …

  • Real Estate Investments

    It includes the preparation, achieving and implementation of residential complexes and work on the construction of buildings and private homes in order to provide new patterns that suit the requirements of the modern reality and social development of housing units to provide high-quality housing in standard periods with the latest architectural and construction designs by designing, building and marketing those units as well as innovating and implementing modern commercial concepts that fit with community aspirations. …


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We are Al-Aqwas Company for (Trade, General Contracting, Transports, and Real Estate Investments) is one of the leading companies that contributes in advancing the growth and achievement process, as Iraq is witnessing of growth and development in various fields. Therefore, the company has carried out vital projects in various fields and in separate regions of Iraq.
Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim
Company Director